The Deal at Death’s Door

As you lie in bed moments before your death a vision appears and offers you a deal.

The apparition points out that you have saved a tidy sum in cash and assets and applauds your hard work throughout your life to that end. 

The apparition declares that you can choose to spend your money on buying time to live longer.

The apparition reminds you of the total sum of your wealth and the maximum number of hours that could buy you.

You think hard (not long, as you have little time left) and decide that you can be generous and leave some money for your family but that you have too many regrets of not spending time with family, friends, hobbies and interests to pass up this deal.

You declare to the apparition how much money you wish to part with in exchange for cheating death a little longer.

The apparition pauses, motions as if he is counting your money, and then begins to cackle in laughter. 

Finally his laughter subsides and he declares “My friend, there is no such thing as buying back time with money but it is the cruelest joke that I know and I love to make men suffer greatly in their last dying moments. “