Echos of the end

The laughter of the journey is above the trials of the tasks. The steps on the path provide reflection, for the final destination is not always the only goal.

Temporary Disruption from Normal

Covid-19 measures imposed upon society are not normal and they are not a new normal. There are certainly elements of how some of us work (distributed teams, virtual environments) and how we engage in commerce (online pre-order or delivery) that could become normal but this is not normal. This is a temporary disruption of normal….

Rognog tales

The planet’s atmosphere is on fire, thanks to some amateur carrying a highly volatile load of mining chemical down in a severely under-shielded ship, and our captain has taken to quoting Asimov’s more abstract quotes. The fire will burn up it’s fuel, our captain’s state of mind, who knows. The captain seems to be completely…


Will post the link to the live youtube stream here

Divide and Calculate

There is more money in a divided people. When we are divided, we do not share our things or our time and therefore we need to consume more.  Today, more than ever, that comes alive in the content we consume.  Little content that we take in each day is free. The content is paid for…

Social media, a dashboard for society’s intelligence?

I hesitate to say this but I suspect that social media is validating that we have failed to improve our educational systems. I continue to see the masses who have completed high school not understand basic science principles or mathematics nor have the ability to understand or write text above the level of grade 6….

The Deal at Death’s Door

As you lie in bed moments before your death a vision appears and offers you a deal. The apparition points out that you have saved a tidy sum in cash and assets and applauds your hard work throughout your life to that end.  The apparition declares that you can choose to spend your money on…

a confession to tech support

Roy wanted nothing more than to go home. He hated the evening-late shift that started at 4pm and hopefully ended at midnight if everything was calm. More likely than not, something would happen at 1145 and he would end up working until 2 or 4 a.m. Working technical support for an internet service was an…

Ode to the cranky man

When you wake up in the morning, do you plan to change the world but were foiled by your arch-rival? Is that is why you complain so much? While you waited in line for coffee were you planning to pay it forward and buy a hundred people their coffees but alas your nemesis had stolen…

The distributed workforce of tomorrow, today

Today’s modern teams depend on the right people to efficiently and effectively achieve success.  Sometimes those people are not readily available in your local labour market. Thankfully with the use of technology there is the option of a workforce that is distributed geographically. I have been working with distributed workers for over 20 years and…