do we remember?

Every year rememberance day sits uneasily with me and every year I reflect on why. This year some random thoughts came out in the form of a crude poem.

Do we remember?

We say that we remember their sacrifice and the price that they paid
Too often we forget who they were and where their bodies laid

One wonders if they would have thrown themselves into that fire
If they could be here now and see our petty desire

Many a person perished so that ideals could multiply
Do we recognize that our choices today might actually make them cry?

We are quick to say that their end was a great waste
Then quickly use and dispose of people or things with the same haste

The wars they fought long ago still endure today
The fight continues amongst us but in a very different way

Perhaps one day we will learn that their losses were for a reason
Our hearts and brains working together to make the world a better place for longer than a season

When someone says that they hate someoneĀ  you must stop them in their tracks
Hate has no place amongst us, we can share our opinions or perspective but we must base our future on facts

The future demands of us that we share our ideas, our hopes and our dreams
The days ahead implore of us that we discover truth and that are leaders are exactly who they seem